Speaker names in no particular order
Dipankar Gupta
Dipankar Gupta taught for nearly three decades at Jawaharlal Nehru University, in the Department of Sociology, and has held various visiting appointments at universities in Europe, Canada, the UK and the US. He has written and edited seventeen books. His most recent works are The Caged Phoenix: Can India Fly (2010) and Justice before Reconciliation: Negotiating a ‘New Normal’ in Post-riot Mumbai and Ahmedabad (2011). He is currently Distinguished Professor at Shiv Nadar University and Head of the Centre for Public Affairs and Critical Theory.
Rajmohan Gandhi
Rajmohan Gandhi’s previous book, A Tale of Two Revolts: India 1857 and the American Civil War, was published in 2009 in India, the UK, and the USA. Until end-December 2012 he taught political science and history at the University of Illinois. Dividing his time between India and the United States, Rajmohan Gandhi has also made several visits to Pakistan.
N K Singh
N.K. Singh is a politician, economist and former Indian Administrative Service officer. Currently a Member of Parliament in the Rajya Sabha, he was earlier the deputy chairman of Bihar State Planning Commission.
Bharat Wakhlu
Bharat Wakhlu is Resident Director, Tata Group. He is an engineer by training with management diplomas from India and France, and has served diverse Tata companies in India and the US for 27 years. He is also the General Secretary of the Foundation for Restoration of National Values and is committed to embedding sustainable, ethical and wholesome practices within value-creating economic activity.
Pavan Varma
Pavan K. Varma studied history at St Stephen’s College, Delhi, and took a degree in law from Delhi University. He has been press secretary to the president of India, official spokesman of the Foreign Office, director general of the Indian Council for Cultural Relations, and India’s ambassador to Bhutan. Having taken premature retirement from the Indian Foreign Service, he now seeks to be actively involved in public life.
Kiran Karnik
Kiran Karnik is the former President of NASSCOM, He has also served as Managing Director of the Discovery Network in India, Founder-Director of the Consortium for Educational Communication and the Indian Space Research Organisation. Awarded Padma Shri in 2007 and Data Quest IT Person of the Year award in 2005, he was recognised as one of the ‘Stars of Asia’ by Business Week in 2004 and ‘Face of the Year’ by Forbes magazine in 2003.
Gen. V. P. Malik
Gen. V.P. Malik was the Chief of the Army Staff (India). Concurrently, he was chairman, Chiefs of Staff Committee in both these posts, he played a vital role in planning, coordinating and overseeing the military operations that enabled India to evict the Pakistani intruders in Kargil and thus turn the tables on Pakistan. He has been a member of India’s NSAB and has delivered lectures in many prestigious civil and military institutions in India and abroad. Currently, he heads the Institute of Security Studies in the Observer Research Foundation, New Delhi
Apurva Purohit
Apurva Purohit is the CEO of Radio City 91.1 FM and an IIMB alumnus. She is one of the very few women CEOs in the media and entertainment space in India and has been managing media organizations for a large part of the twenty-five years she has spent in the corporate world. While she has nothing against men and is, indeed, quite fond of them, she believes women are equally competent (and sometimes more so!) and they need to start grabbing a larger part of the sky for themselves.
Ayaz Memon
Ayaz Memon, one of India’s most prolific journalist and sports writer, brings with him 33 years of solid experience in writing. He started off as a sports writer and went on to edit newspapers like Mid-Day, Bombay Times and DNA apart from being editor of Sportsweek magazine and sports editor of the Times of India and the Independent at various stages. He is now consulting editor with NewsX.
Hartosh Singh Bal
Hartosh Singh Bal trained as an engineer at BITS Pilani and a mathematician at NYU before turning to journalism. He is co-author of A Certain Ambiguity: A Mathematical Novel, which won the Association of American Publishers’ award for the Best Professional/ Scholarly Book on Mathematics for 2007. He was the political editor of Open, and has worked for The Indian Express, Tehelka and Mail Today.
Tamal Bandyopadhyay
Tamal Bandyopadhyay is Deputy Managing Editor of Mint, India’s second largest read financial daily. He writes a column on banking and finance in Mint every Monday (Banker’s Trust) and till recently was hosting a weekly show on Bloomberg-UTV. Tamal’s hugely successful book “A Bank for The Buck” has in many ways looked at the new bank movement in India that started in 1994 when the Reserve Bank of India opened up the sector to introduce competition and to force banks to be efficient and more productive.
Jitender Bhargava
Jitender Bhargava is a respected voice in the aviation sector. Having spent more than two decades with Air India, of which 13 years were as its executive director, he knows the issues and problems of the airline and the aviation industry better than most. Bhargava, since his retirement, has been writing for leading English newspapers and commenting on civil aviation issues on television. An alumnus of the University of Delhi, Bhargava often speaks on the subject of corporate communications and other management-related issues. He lives with his family in Mumbai.
Naresh Fernandes
Naresh Fernandes is the editor of Scroll.in, a digital newspaper. He is the author of Taj Mahal Foxtrot: The Story of Bombay’s Jazz Age, which won the Dr Ashok Ranade Memorial Award and the Shakti Bhatt First Book Prize. Fernandes is a Poesis fellow at New York University’s Institute of Public Knowledge.
Amarjeet Sinha
Amarjeet Sinha is currently posted as the principal secretary in the Department of Education of the Government of Bihar. He has played a major role in designing the Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan and the National Rural Health Mission. A prolific writer, Amarjeet has published five books and a large number of articles as part of books, in journals like the Lancet, Economic and Political Weekly, Economic Times, The Hindu, Business Standard, etc.
Arjun Ghosh
Arjun Ghosh is Faculty, Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), New Delhi, India. He has a PhD from Centre for English Studies at Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), New Delhi. Dr Ghosh has contributed articles to journals like Asian Theatre Journal and Drama Review. He has worked on organized cultural movements and political open space performances with special reference to the Jana Natya Manch, Delhi.
G Sampath
G Sampath is a Delhi-based journalist and columnist. He has also worked as a schoolteacher, advertising copywriter, corporate communications manager, spin doctor, executive slave-driver with a magazine and washing machine salesman.
Major Gen. Ian Cardozo
Major General Ian Cardozo was born in Mumbai. Wounded in the battle of Sylhet in Bangladesh in 1971, he overcame the handicap of losing a leg and became the first officer to be approved for command of an Infantry Battalion. He retired in 1993 as Chief of Staff of a Corps in the East. Author of The Sinking of INS-Khukri: Survivor’s Stories, he has worked with the Spastics Society of Northern India. At present he is working for persons with disability as Chairman of the Rehabilitation Council of India and is the Vice President of the War Wounded Foundation.

Indrajit Hazra
Kolkata-born Indrajit Hazra is a novelist and journalist. He was educated at St Xavier’s Collegiate School and Jadavpur University. He moved to New Delhi in 1998, where he wrote and published three novels—The Burnt Forehead of Max Saul, The Garden of Earthly Delights and The Bioscope Man—all set in Kolkata. He also writes the popular Sunday column ‘Red Herring’ in the Hindustan Times. This is his first book of non-fiction.
Jeroninio Almeida
Jeroninio Almeida (Jerry) is a Teacher, Inspirational Orator, Leadership Trainer, Management Consultant, CXO Coach, Social Entrepreneur, who is also the founder and driving force behind the International Confederation of NGOs, the joy of giving, right every wrong, and Karmaveer awards. He is also a pivotal member of advisory boards with the UN, CII and other global Organistions. Jerry is also an author and his first book in the Karma Kurry book series is being launched at the India Non Fiction Festival
Maharaja Krishna Rasgotra
Maharajakrishna Rasgotra, was India’s Foreign Secretary. He filled several high posts in India and abroad with distinction. He was India’s representative on the UN Trusteeship Council and the UN General Assembly’s Committees on decolonisation matters. His ambassadorial career also took him to the UK as India’s High Commissioner. His tenure as Foreign Secretary was marked by a renewal in Indo-American relations, sustained negotiations with Pakistan and an opening to China. One of the founders of the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation, he has rare expertise on India’s neighbours.
N Bhaskara Rao
N. Bhaskara Rao is founder-chairman of Centre for Media Studies (CMS), New Delhi, India, and also founder-chairman of Marketing and Development Research Associates (MDRA), New Delhi. He nurtured applied social research as the President of ORG, India’s foremost research outfit (1972–89), and conducted India’s first social audit for public utility (1993–97).
Anjaneya Mishra
Anjaneya Mishra is a commerce student at HR College of Commerce and Economics, Mumbai. He did his schooling in Mumbai andDelhi and graduated from St. Xavier’s School, Jaipur. Anjaneya is a voracious reader and loves to participate in debates. He is also an avid sportsman, having played national-level squash for several years. He loves surfing, travelling, adventure sports and meeting new people. He currently lives in Mumbai with his mother, brother and a dog named Taurus.
Nandini Krishnan
Nandini Krishnan is a journalist, playwright and humorist based in Chennai, which she still calls ‘Madras’. Her chief qualification for writing this book is that, for as long as she can remember, her mother has been taking her to weddings when she wasn’t in the mood to cook. Nandini’s chief motive for writing the book is the idea of being able to tell relatives who ask if she’s thought about marriage, ‘Marriage? Ha, I wrote the book on it!’
Ashraf Patel
Ashraf Patel is a founder member and board member of Pravah and Commutiny-The Youth Collective. She is also an Ashoka Fellow and has served on several working groups, including the Working Group for Youth and Adolescents set up by the Youth Ministry for the Eleventh Five Year Plan, the Working Group for Adolescent Education set up by the HRD Ministry for the Twelfth Five Year Plan, and the National Committee set up by the UNDP and the Youth Ministry for IYV+10.
Radhakrishnan Pillai
Radhakrishnan Pillai founder-director of the Chanakya Institute of Public leadership (CIPL), has represented India in various national and international conferences and has taught at educational institutes in Germany (Heidelberg, Cologne), UK (Oxford, Cambridge) and India (IIT, IIM and IISc). His best-selling book Corporate Chanakya is used by business schools around the globe. Pillai received the Sardar Patel International Award in 2009.
Rajesh Chakrabarti
Rajesh Chakrabarti is Executive Director of Bharti Institute of Public Policy, and Clinical Associate Professor at the Indian School of Business. He has published extensively in international research journals and has five books to his credit, including the bestselling Grits, Guts and Gumption. He is also a columnist for Financial Express.
Rajiv Sikri
Rajiv Sikri was a career diplomat for over 36 years with the Indian Foreign Service. He retired in 2006 as Secretary in India’s Ministry of External Affairs with responsibility for India’s relations with the Asia-Pacific region, the Arab world, Israel, Iran and Central Asia. He has held several other important senior positions in India, served as India’s Ambassador to Kazakhstan, and has lived and worked in Moscow, Paris, New York and Kathmandu.
Rishi Piparaiya
Rishi Piparaiya is an over-worked and over-traveled corporate executive based in the skies, 38,000 feet over India. Professionally, Rishi heads sales and marketing for a financial services multinational. It’s a good gig – his awesome teams do all the work and he shows up to take the credit. Prior to this, he spent years dozing his way up to a super duper senior position at a fine global bank, which ironically never sleeps. His other professional claims to fame include running football betting syndicates in Spain and setting up random internet businesses.
Saba Naqvi
Saba Naqvi is the political editor of Outlook, one of India’s leading news magazines, and writes on politics, governance and current affairs. She has travelled extensively across India and covered elections in the country, particularly in the states of Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Gujarat. Beyond her role as a political reporter and analyst, she follows issues of identity and culture. She lives in New Delhi.
Sangita P. Menon Malhan
Sangita P. Menon Malhan worked as a journalist with The Times of India, Delhi Mid-Day and The Statesman before turning to creative writing. She has published Rastapherian’s Tales, a book of short stories for children and a collection of poems in Urdu, Nusrat-e-Gham. Formerly a private pilot, she is fond of languages and teaches French. She is the author of “The TOI Story”, an independent account of how The Times of India group under Samir Jain transformed itself in the 1980s and 90s and with it, India’s newspaper industry.
Sanjay Kumar
Sanjay Kumar is a Fellow at the Centre for the Study of Developing Societies (CSDS) and Co-Director of Lokniti, a research program of the CSDS. He specializes in election studies and is engaged in collecting scientifically reliable data on political behavior and attitudes of the Indian electorate. His area of research has been electoral politics with a special focus on patterns and strategies of electoral mobilization. He has been the director of various national and state level surveys conducted by CSDS during Lok Sabha elections.
Suhasini Haidar
Suhasini Haidar, is a Sr. editor and prime time anchor for India’s leading 24-hour English news channel CNN-IBN, also hosting the signature show, ‘World View with Suhasini Haidar’. She is a regular columnist on Indian Foreign Policy and Strategic Issues for national dailies such as The Hindu, Business Standard and The Indian Express. Over the course of her 17-year career, Suhasini has covered the most challenging stories and conflicts from the most diverse regions including Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Libya, Lebanon and Syria.
Shankkar Aiyar
Journalist-analyst Shankkar Aiyar scooped the news of India pledging its gold reserves to the Bank of England during its worst economic crisis since Independence. His exposé of the hush-hush operation brought home to Indians, and the world, the magnitude of India’s woes. He has broken numerous front-page news reports and written over a hundred magazine cover stories. An award-winning journalist and columnist, he specializes in the interface of politics and economics. He has been a Wolfson Chevening Fellow at Cambridge University.
John Zubrzycki
Sydney-based author and journalist John Zubrzycki finds himself being drawn to India for inspiration. After studying Hindi and Indian history at university, he travelled and worked extensively in India as a foreign correspondent, diplomat and consultant. He was the world commentary editor at The Australian newspaper in Sydney before leaving in earlier this year to concentrate on a writing, research and web-related projects. Previously he served as a diplomat in Jakarta and taught politics at the Australian National University.
Shruti Kohli
Shruti Kohli is an Indian entrepreneur. She started her career as a journalist and reported for various media organizations, beginning with the Central Indian newspaper The Hitavada. Subsequently, she reported for The Times of India, The Indian Express, CNBC TV18, Outlook Money and India Today. After a decade in journalism, she quit the field in November 2009 to float her own company.
V Raghunathan
V. Raghunathan’s first career was as an academic as Professor of Finance at IIM, Ahmedabad, for nearly two decades. His second a corporate one, first as President, ING Vysya Bank for about four years. He is currently CEO, GMR Group Varalakshmi Foundation. He has been an Adjunct Professor at the University of Bocconi, Milan. Raghu has published over 400 academic papers and popular articles, and six books. He also writes a regular guest column in The Economic Times and monthly pieces in Mint. He has been a cartoonist with a national daily, has played chess at all-India level, and sketched competitively in the past.
Vanessa Able
Vanessa Able was born on the island of Jersey in the English Channel in 1977. After completing a Fine Art masters’ degree in London, she left for Istanbul where she worked as editor in chief of Time Out magazine. After moving to Mexico City in 2008, she began to freelance as a writer for The New York Times, Esquire and National Geographic Traveler. In 2010, she bought a Tata Nano and drove 10,000 km around India. The Nanologues, the chronicle of her journey, is her first book.
Vanita Kohli-Khandekar
Vanita Kohli-Khandekar is an independent media consultant and writer. Currently she is a contributing editor and columnist for Business Standard. She has served as Manager in the media practice at Ernst & Young and as Associate Editor with Business World and Intelligent Investor (now Outlook Money) which she helped launch. She was a guest lecturer at Xavier Institute of Communications (XIC), Mumbai and also teaches at the Mudra Institute of Communication, Ahmedabad (MICA).
Veena Venugopal
Veena Venugopal is the author of Would You Like Some Bread With That Book? and other instances of literary love (Yoda Press). She is currently the Editor of BLink, Hindu Business Line’s weekend magazine.
Vesna P. Jacob
Vesna P. Jacob, the spirit behind Vesna’s Wellness Clinic is a Bosnian who made New Delhi her home some eight years back. She has established herself as a premier pilates, fitness, and wellness expert with a long list of the glitterati of Delhi’s political, social, and corporate spheres. As a fitness expert, she has made an appearance on many TV channels like CNNIBN, NDTV, Headlines Today, Times Now, VOI, and Sahara TV. She is also a prolific writer. Her articles have been published in Hindustan Times, Sananda, Men’s Health and Prevention.
Akash Banerjee
Akash Banerjee has reported on politics and conflict-related issues from diverse locations across the Indian subcontinent for close to a decade. As a news anchor he’s been a familiar face on TV as well. Educated at La Martiniere Boys’ College and St. Stephen’s College, Akash has worked with organisations like Times Now and Headlines Today. Currently as Associate Vice President, he heads Programming Operations at Radio Mirchi Delhi
Vishwajyoti Ghosh
Vishwajyoti Ghosh is the author of Delhi Calm (HarperCollins), a critically acclaimed political graphic novel set during the times of India’s Emergency. A founding member of the PAO Collective, he is also a political cartoonist based in Delhi. Most recently, he curated an anthology of graphic narratives on Partition, titled This Side, That Side: Restorying Partition (Yoda Press).
Gen. V K Singh
A third-generation army officer, General VK Singh served with both the 2nd and 25th Battalion of the Rajput Regiment. A highly decorated soldier, he was the 24th Chief of the Indian Army. In the course of his tenure he took a principled stand on multiple issues and this often brought him into conflict with powerful lobbies both inside and outside government. Writer and filmmaker Kunal Verma has produced many critically acclaimed films for the Indian armed forces that include The Standard Bearers on the NDA and a documentary on the Kargil War.
Vandana Vasudevan
Vandana Vasudevan is the author of the newly released book “Urban Villager” Life in an Indian Satellite Town.”
She studied economics at the Lady ShriRam College and traine din management at the Indan Institute of Management, Ahmedabad. She has worked for several years in leading banks and media companies. In parallel, she has been a writer for various Indian publications including a column for the business daily Mint. Her interest is in urbanism and the growth of cities.
Rita Manchanda
Rita Manchanda is currently General Secretary, South Asia Forum for Human Rights (Delhi) and Research Director of SAFHR (Nepal) Project on Auditing Partitions as a Method of Conflict Resolution. She is a writer, researcher and a journalist and has written extensively on security and human rights issues. Her publications include War and Peace in South Asia: Beyond Victimhood to Agency (2001). Her research study on ‘Naga Women in the Peace Process’ (2004) is a benchmark contribution in field studies of gendered war narratives.
Updesh Kumar
Updesh Kumar, Ph.D., is scientist “F” and in the chair of the Head, Mental Health Division at Defence Institute of Psychological Research, R&D Organization, Ministry of Defence, Delhi. With more than 21 years of experience as a scientist in R&D Organization, he specializes in the area of suicidal behavior, personality assessment, and personnel selection and has developed a number of psychological tests and assessment tools. He has been a psychological assessor in various Services Selection Boards for the selection of officers in Indian Armed Forces.
R Sukumar
R Sukumar, part of the founding team of Mint joined HT Media in October 2006 from The India Today Group where he was then Managing Editor of Business Today. He started his career at The Hindu Business Line where he became the Marketing Editor. He then spent a little over nine years at Business Today, where he was an Associate Editor and later the Managing Editor, with both strategic and operational leadership of India’s leading business magazine.
Arun Maira
Arun Maira is a former management consultant and present member of Planning Commission of India. He is also Former India Chairman of Boston Consulting Group. He has also authored several books on leadership and organisation.
Geeta Chandran
Geeta Chandran is a celebrated artist and a star-performer. She is synonymous with the Indian classical dance: Bharatanatyam. A PadmaShri awardee she is also an advisor and is on the board of several prestigious Cultural & Academic Institutions. Geeta is associated with several NGOs and charitable organizations raising resources for valuable causes.
Meera Sanyal
Meera Sanyal is a senior banking professional in India. She was an independent candidate in the 2009 Lok Sabha elections from the Mumbai South constituency. She is President of LiberalsIndia for Good Governance – the Indian Liberal group, a not for profit think tank.
Rahul Kanwal
Rahul Kanwal is the Editor-at-Large of the Indian news channels Headlines Today and Aaj Tak. In 2007, he became the youngest person to head a news channel in India when he replaced outgoing director S. Srinivasan.
Pratik Kanjilal
Pratik Kanjilal was Chief Operating Officer of Indian Express Online Media before he joined the Little magazine as co-editor and publisher. Earlier, he was a leader writer and Senior Assistant Editor of The Indian Express. He has also worked with The Economic Times and Business Standard. He has received the first New York University Prize for Hyperfiction (1998) and the Sahitya Akademi Translation Prize (2005). He is a columnist with Time Out, New Delhi, Hindustan Times and Free Press Journal.
Milee Ashwarya
Milee Ashwarya is the Editorial Director of Random House India. She heads Ebury and Random Business, and publishes books ranging from fiction, non-fiction, health, lifestyle to self-help and business.
Karthika VK
Karthika VK is Publisher and Chief Editor of HarperCollins Publishers India. She started her career in publishing with Penguin Books India in 1996 after an M.Phil in English Literature from the University of Hyderabad.
Amitabh Kant
Amitabh Kant is a member of Indian Administrative Service. He is presently posted as CEO & MD of the Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor Development Corporation. Has extensive experience in infrastructure creation, International Marketing, Travel & Tourism and Hospitality industry. He has conceptualized and executed the positioning and branding of Kerala as “God’s Own Country” and later the “Incredible !ndia” campaign. Both these campaigns has won several International awards.
Nisha Singh
Nisha Singh is the Municipal Councilor, Municipal Corporation of Gurgaon. She has spent several years in corporates like Siemens, Barclays and Google. She then worked in the area of education for underprivileged children. She believes that “there is an overwhelming feeling, especially in the middle class, that our politics and our politicians do not represent our aspirations. So if our aspirations are not represented by current set of politicians then we need to step in and get elected. We need many more ‘non traditional’ and competent citizens to take up politics.”
Mr. Ajit Ranade
Dr. Ajit Ranade is Chief Economist of the Aditya Birla Group, a diversified multinational conglomerate. He is a Director on the board of Hindalco Almex Aerospace Limited. He is also the Government of India’s nominee Director on the Board of Multi Commodity Exchange of India Ltd. (MCX), India’s largest commodity exchange. His professional career has spanned academic and corporate assignments. He is an active member of industry chambers. He chairs the Research Advisory Committee of the Indian Institute of Banking and Finance. He has served on various committees of the Reserve Bank of India, including the Committee for Fuller Capital Account Convertibility.
Anand Halve
Anand Halve is the author of three books: ‘Planning for Power Advertising’ (2005), ‘adkatha: The story of Indian advertising’ (co-author, 2011) and ‘Darwin s Brands’ (2012) and is visiting faculty at IIMA and MICA. He is currently with chlorophyll brand and communications consultancy, which he co-founded in 1999.
Anand P. Raman (online)
Anand P. Raman is editor at large at the Harvard Business Review Group, based in Boston. An economist by training and a business journalist by profession, his areas of interest include globalisation, strategy, operations and the history and future of management. He has been a business journalist and editor on two continents for over twenty years, and has headed newspapers, business magazines and web-based media operations. Anand has edited five McKinsey Award-winning articles, and in 1992 he received India’s Sanskriti Award for Outstanding Contribution to Journalism.
Anita Bhogle
Anita Bhogle is a partner at Prosearch Consultants. She is the co-author of the best-seller “The Winning Way—Learnings from sport for managers” which is based on over 300 corporate workshops that she and her husband and partner, writer-commentator Harsha Bhogle have conducted. Her early years were spent in advertising and prior to setting up Prosearch she was Director—Account Planning & Research at FCB-Ulka (now Draft-FCB). An alumnus of IIT-B and IIM-A, Anita has another entrepreneurial venture Bizpunditz, a digital library that offers learnings from industry practitioners to managers.
Ankur Gupta
Ankur Gupta has written and produced several books, including two best-sellers on Internet and Chaitanya Jyoti – Experiencing the Divine. His latest book “Seed of Genius” published by Tata Westland has broken fresh ground both in content and presentation and within a month of its publication has received rave reviews and jumped to Top-of-the-Charts in Self-Help. His rich professional experience in the health-care industry spans 37 years.
Azim Jamal
Azim Jamal is a leading inspirational speaker, management consultant & executive coach. Azim is the author of several books including The Corporate Sufi™, “Business, Balance & Beyond” and # 1 Amazon best selling co-author of The Power of Giving. His work has received accolades from leading thinkers including Dr. Deepak Chopra, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Jack Canfield, Brian Tracy, and Dr. Ken Blanchar.
Clayton Murzello
Clayton Murzello is MID DAY’s Group Sports Editor and has been a journalist since 1988. He is a recipient of two Sports Journalists Federation of India (SJFI) awards for excellence in journalism. He has co-authored a book on cricket anecdotes with former Test cricketer Sandeep Patil.

Sachin: Born to Bat by veteran journalist Khalid A-H Ansari and edited by Clayton Murzello is a unique ode to contemporary cricket’s finest batsman.
D Sivanandan
D. Sivanandhan was the Police Commissioner of Mumbai, promoted as part of the aftermath of the November 2008 Mumbai attacks. He is one of India’s most well-known and highly regarded IPS (Indian Police Service) officers. His career spanned multiple high-profile postings over 35 years and he is known for his use of strategy & intelligence to uphold the rule of law.
Gautam Kiyawat
Mr. Gautam Kiyawat is the chief executive officer at Madison Media Group. He has a vast amount of experience in the media, marketing and communications space having started his career with Procter & Gamble in India followed by stints with Philips, News Corp (Star TV) and AdVerb.
Gouri Dange
Gouri Dange is a writer, editor and counselor. Her novels include Zakia Mansion and The Counsel of Strangers. Gouri’s third novel Viva Voce, appears in weekly installments on thefridaynovel.blogspot.com. She writes mainly on: Indian music, Animals, Food, Relationships, Travel, Language, People-watching, Parenting etc. Gouri has two popular and long-running weekly columns in The Mirror and in Lounge-Mint.
Gregory David Roberts
Gregory David Roberts is an Australian author best known for his novel Shantaram. Roberts also wrote the original screenplay for the movie adaptation of Shantaram. He has set up a charitable foundation to assist the poor with health care coverage in Mumbai. In 2009, Roberts was named a Zeitz Foundation Ambassador for Community. Ambassadors help raise awareness and shape activities in their areas.
Harish Nambiar
Harish Nambiar has been a mainstream English journalist since 1990 with various national mastheads, television channel CNBC and last with Reuters. He is the author of a narrative non-fiction book written when he was on a motorcycle tour of India when the Hindu/Muslim riots rages in Gujarat in 2002. Currently he writes a fortnightly column for The Economic Times called Culture Counter.
Ishi Khosla
Ishi Khosla is a practising clinical nutritionist, consultant, writer, researcher.
She is actively involved in clinical practice at the Centre for Dietary Counseling in Delhi. She has recently developed the first fully Web-based weight-management programme in India: www.theweightmonitor.com. Her latest book is The Diet Doctor: the scientifically proven way to lose weight. She has written two other books, also published by Penguin Books. She has been conferred with several awards and recognitions in her field and has also been listed among the twenty-five most powerful women in the country by the India Today Group.
Kainaz Gazder
Jamnalal Bajaj graduate. Currently Chief Marketing Officer for Procter & Gamble, India
Kainaz is Vijay’s wife. She is a mother of two kids, loves traveling and exploring different parts of the world. Her love for travel (shared amply by her family) ensures that they are vacationing every 2 months. Her son (8 years old) was born in Singapore and daughter (3 years old) was born in Mumbai. Kainaz returned to India in 2010 after ten years in Singapore.
Madhuri Ruia
Madhuri Ruia, is one of the pioneer of “Intelligent Fitness” gurus. She is a complete fitness expert with qualifications in virtually every area of fitness. She is a top notch dietician, Pilates master and has studied weight training in depth. In the year 2009, Madhuri set up Half, Mumbai’s first functional health studio, which she later expanded and rechristened to INTEGYM.
Malini Agarwal
Malini Agarwal, founder of MissMalini.com, is India’s most popular blogger, providing to-the-minute news and gossip on Bollywood, Fashion, and Lifestyle to millions of followers on a daily basis. With over 12 years in media & entertainment, Malini became one of Bombay’s favorite RJ’s first on Go 92.5 fm, and later with Radio One. Malini headed digital content for MTV and Channel [v], and is now paving the way in next generation digital content & social media for modern Indian youths
Meena Menon
Meena Menon is Chief of Bureau, The Hindu, Mumbai. She has been a journalist since 1984 and has worked with the United News of India, Mid-day and The Times of India. Her book “Riots and After in Mumbai: Chronicles of Truth and Reconciliation” has been published by Sage in January 2012. She has co-authored with Sharmila Joshi “The Unseen Worker-On the Trail of the Girl Child (1998) published by Books for Change. Her book titled “Organic Cotton – Reinventing the Wheel” was published in 2004 by Deccan Development Society and Kalpavriksh. She has received fellowships from the National Foundation of India, Centre for Science and Environment, Panos, London and SARAI-CSDS. She writes on politics and development issues including environment, women, human rights and health.
Minissha Lamba
Minissha Lamba is an Indian actress. She made her debut with Yahaan. Her other notable films include Honeymoon Travels Pvt. Ltd, Bachna Ae Haseeno and Bheja Fry 2. Lamba’s long term ambition was to become a journalist. While studying for a degree in Delhi, she was offered to represent ad campaigns like LG, Sony, Cadbury, Hajmola, Airtel, Sunsilk etc.
Dr. Mukesh Batra
Dr Mukesh Batra, is Founder-Chairman, Dr Batra’s, the world’s first and largest corporatized homeopathic healthcare group. He has authored several books, including the cyclopedic work, Healing with Homeopathy (September 2011). A writer, photographer, singer and philanthropist, Dr Batra has been honoured with several fellowships and over 50 national and international awards, including the Padma Shri, one of India’s highest civilian honors, by the President of India.
Nirmal Jain
Mr. Nirmal Jain is the founder and Chairman of IIFL – India Infoline Ltd. He is a PGDM (Post Graduate Diploma in Management) from IIM (Indian Institute of Management) Ahmedabad, a Chartered Accountant and a rank-holder Cost Accountant. His professional track record is equally outstanding. He started his career in 1989 with Hindustan Lever Limited, the Indian arm of Unilever. He founded Probity Research and Services (later re-christened India Infoline) in 1995. Mr. Jain was one of the first entrepreneurs in India to seize the internet opportunity, with the launch of www.indiainfoline.com in 1999.
Payal Gidwani Tiwari
Payal Gidwani Tiwari is a yoga expert and the author of the book From XL to XS. She is also co-founder & CEO of her very own Yoga wellness brand, ‘Cosmic Fusion’, One life One intention, run by her and her husband Mr. Manish Tiwari the famous bollywood yoga guru who is also the founder and holistic Practioner at ‘Cosmic Fusion’. She has also worked with celebrities like Kareena Kapoor, Rani Mukherji, Saif Ali Khan, Farhan Akthar, Konica Lal etc.
Praveen Tyagi
Mr. Praveen Tyagi is the Managing Director of IITian’s PACE Education Pvt. Ltd. Being a B.Tech. IIT – Delhi, Prof. He is a physics professor, popularly known as “Tyagi sir”. He is an educationist and believes in “education for all” thoroughly.
Consul General Peter Haas
Consul General Peter Haas assumed the post of U.S. Consul General in Mumbai on August 1st, 2011.Immediately prior to coming to Mumbai, Consul General Haas served as the Counselor for Economic Affairs at the U.S. Embassy in Jakarta, Indonesia. An economic officer by training, his previous diplomatic posts include London, Rabat, Washington, Port-au-Prince, and Berlin.Consul General Haas holds a BA in International Studies and German from Illinois Wesleyan University. Consul General Haas is accompanied in Mumbai by his wife and two sons. He enjoys CrossFit and hiking.
R Jagannathan
Mr Jagannathan has been the editor of several print and digital publications across the general and business news space. He had taken charge of Moneycontrol.com and Firstpost.com at the time of joining Network18 in 2011.
Prior to joining Network18 Group in 2011, he was the Executive Editor at DNA. Earlier, he was the Executive Editor at Business Standard and he has also been the Editor at Financial Express, Indian Management and Business World.
R Sridhar
Mr R Sridhar lives two lives, one as a journalist, and the other as a spiritualist. He currently works as National Editor, Special Supplements with The Times of India in Mumbai. He is a holistic therapist and a reiki teacher. He has also been a columnist with The Times Group for about 10 years now; his column ‘Connect-Ticket’ is based on spirituality and metaphysics. Sridhar recently self-published some of his articles as a book titled ‘Connect-Ticket’, which is available in select bookstores in Mumbai as well as on personal request. The book is currently in its second reprint.
Radhakrishnan Sreenivasan – RK
Radhakrishnan Sreenivasan or RK is a well know cricket commentator. Having watched Harsha Bhogle from close quarters, it was natural for Sreenivasan Radhakrishnan to dream of initiating studio discussions and the opportunity came his way during the recent home series against the West Indies and Sri Lanka on Neo Sports. For a youngster like RK, to make a mark in the world of broadcast journalism through a new venture like Neo was a blazing debut.
Rahul Bose
Rahul Bose is an Indian actor, screenwriter, director, social activist, and rugby union player.
Bose has appeared in Hindi films such as Pyaar Ke Side Effects and Jhankaar Beats. He also played the antagonist in the 2013 Tamil-Hindi film Vishwaroopam. Time magazine named him “the superstar of Indian arthouse cinema” for his work in parallel cinema films like English, August and Mr. and Mrs. Iyer. He is also notable for his social activism: he participated in the relief efforts that followed the 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami and is also the founder of the anti-discrimination NGO, The Foundation.
Raksha Bharadia
Raksha has co-authored several Chicken Soup for the Indian Soul series (Jack Canfield and Mark Victor) for Westland. She is the author of All and Nothing Me: A Handbook for Life and the book Roots and Wings: A Handbook for Parents. She has contributed features for Times of India, Femina, Gurlz, Life Positive, Marie Claire, Midday (Mumbai) etc. She is a columnist with Ahmedabad Mirror and Femina. she has recently rekindled her romance with the world of rhythm and is currently reinventing herself as a Kathak danseuse. She lives in Ahmedabad.
Rashesh Shah
Mr. Rashesh Shah co founded Edelweiss Capital Ltd. He has been its Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer since 1996. Mr. Shah is a Chartered Accountant. He holds an M.B.A. and a P.G.D.B.M. from the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad. Mr. Shah is also a Diploma holder in International Trade from the Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, New Delhi. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Science from Bombay University.
Rashmi Uday Singh
Gourmand World cookbook Award winner Rashmi Uday Singh, is synonymous with writing about Good Food and health for the past two decades. Having studied law and management, she worked with the prestigious Indian Revenue Service, which she quit after fifteen years as Deputy Commissioner to follow her creative muse in newsprint and television. Author of 32 books and regular columnist for ‘The Times of India’, ‘Bombay Times’ and ‘Chennai Times’, it is for her extraordinarily popular Good Food Guide that she is most celebrated (India’s first ever city restaurant guide) She also runs the highly esteemed ‘Rashmi Uday Singh’s Good Food Academy’ and used to run ‘Rashmi Uday Singh’s Good Food Galleries’.
Rinki Roy Bhattacharya
Rinki Roy Bhattacharya is an Indian writer, columnist and documentary filmmaker. She has contributed prolifically in Indian national dailies, filing art columns, or features in the Indian Express, The Hindu, Mid-day and The Times of India. She became deeply involved in the Women’s Movement in India and has written several books on the subject, including Behind Closed Doors: Domestic Violence In India, Bimal Roy – A Man of Silence, Indelible Imprints, an essay in Uncertain Liaisons as well as several cookbooks
Rupa Subramanya
Rupa Subramanya is a journalist and writer. Previously, she has written “Economics Journal” for the Wall Street Journal India. Currently, she is a consulting editor for Business Standard and a a columnist for the Globe and Mail, Canada. She holds degrees in business, economics, and international affairs from Canada. Rupa was born in Bangalore and currently lives in Mumbai.
Rishikesha Krishnan
Rishikesha T. Krishnan is a Professor of Corporate Strategy & Policy at the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore (IIMB), India. Professor Krishnan’s first book, From Jugaad to Systematic Innovation: The Challenge for India, published in February 2010 identified the challenges faced by India in enhancing industrial innovation and proposed an agenda to enhance innovation output.
Professor Krishnan’s recent book, 8 Steps to Innovation: Going from Jugaad to Excellence (co-authored with Vinay Dabholkar, and published by Harper Collins in March 2013), outlines a systematic path for organizations to build innovation capabilities.
Rohan Joshi
Rohan Joshi is a stand-up comedian, writer, columnist, and occasional screenwriter. He used to be a full-time journalist, and it was this strong background in the highest form of Indian comedy that there is, that inspired him to quit, and pursue comedy full-time. From opening for Vir Das to performing at the Fringe Festival, Edinburgh in 2011, Rohan has spent the last few years performing around India, and indeed, around the world.
Sanjay Gadhvi
Sanjay Gadhvi is an Indian writer and director belongs to junagadh in Gujarat.
He made his directorial debut with Tere Liye (2000). His first film with Yash Raj Films was Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi Hai (2002). He first gained fame when he directed the action thriller Dhoom (2004). He then directed the sequel to Dhoom, called Dhoom 2. The film, famous for its stunts, came out as the highest grosser of 2006.
Sanjeev Kapoor
Sanjeev Kapoor is the most celebrated face of Indian cuisine today. He is Chef extraordinaire, TV show host, author of best selling cookbooks, restaurant consultant, co-owner of TV channel and winner of several culinary awards! He is living his dream of making Indian cuisine the number one cuisine in the world and empowering Indian women through power of cooking to become self sufficient.
Sanjeev Kapoor has been honoured with the National award for ‘Best Chef of the Year 2008’ by the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India.

Sudha Menon
Sudha Menon is also author of the recently-launched non-fiction work, Legacy, a compilation of simple and evocative letters from eminent men and women to their daughters. Sudha is also best-selling author of non-fiction book, Leading Ladies: Women Who Inspire India, an inspirational book on the lives of some of the country’s most accomplished contemporary women leaders.
She is a seasoned journalist with some 23 years of experience working with prestigious publications such as The Independent, The Hindu Business Line and Mint, the business daily from HT Media in collaboration with Wall Street Journal.
Suresh Venkat
Mr. Suresh Venkat is an anchor, columnist, and writer at Nothing Doing Media Holdings. Previously, he spent over 8 years at CNBC TV18, India’s pre-eminent business news network. He was the creator of CNBC TV18’s multi award winning personal technology Show, Tech Toyz. Suresh’s editorial expertise lies in the domains of Technology, Innovation, Social Business and Green Business. Suresh is widely renowned both for his unique insights into business and his irreverent style as an anchor. He is an occasional columnist, having written for TimeOut, Mint Lounge, Conde Nast Traveller and NewsLaundry.com
Shri Swami Swatmananda
Shri Swami Swatmananda is one of the most dynamic young leaders of Chinmaya Mission. He was inspired by Gurudev early in his life and was himself an active Chinmaya Yuva Kendra member at Chennai
He is the resident Acharya of Chinmaya Mission, Mumbai. He conducts Spiritual discourses, camps, management workshops, treks etc. for all age groups.He also holds discussion groups on Bhagawad Gita, the Upanishads and other texts.
Shri Kumar Mangalam Birla, Chairman of Aditya Birla Group and Shri Ajay Piramal, Chairman of Nicholas Piramal Group, are part of the weekly discussion groups conducted by him on the study and application of Bhagavad Gita.
Tamal Bandyopadhyay
Tamal Bandyopadhyay is Deputy Managing Editor of Mint, India’s second largest read financial daily. He writes a column on banking and finance in Mint every Monday (Banker’s Trust) and till recently was hosting a weekly show on Bloomberg-UTV. Tamal’s hugely successful book “A Bank for The Buck” has in many ways looked at the new bank movement in India that started in 1994 when the Reserve Bank of India opened up the sector to introduce competition and to force banks to be efficient and more productive. He has contributed to The Oxford Companion to Economics in India, edited by Kaushik Basu and published by Oxford University Press in 2007.
Tavleen Singh
Tavleen Singh is an author, journalist and TV anchor. She currently writes three weekly columns. One in English in the Indian Express, one in Hindi in India Today and a third column in English that is syndicated to various newspapers in India. She has anchored various successful TV shows for Star Plus, Doordarshan, and NDTV. She is the author of three books. Kashmir: a tragedy of errors, published in 1995; Lollipop Street: why India will survive her politicians, published in 1999 and Political and Incorrect which was published in 2007. Her latest book Durbar has been launched to great reviews.
Vivek Dehejia
Vivek Dehejia is an economics professor at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada. He writes frequently for publications in India and abroad as well as appearing as a commentator on Indian and foreign television channels. He holds a PhD in Economics from Columbia University in New York, USA. Vivek was born in Mumbai and currently lives between Mumbai and Ottawa.
Amish Tripathi
Amish is a 1974-born, IIM (Kolkata)-educated banker turned happy author. The success of his debut book, The Immortals of Meluha (Book 1 of the Shiva Trilogy), encouraged him to give up a fourteen-year-old career in financial services to focus on writing. He is passionate about history, mythology and philosophy, finding beauty and meaning in all world religions.
Amish has most recently written the Shiva Trilogy the fastest selling books series in Indian history. The books that he plans to write in the future are also in the areas of mythology & history.
Dr. Anil Khandelwal
Dr. Anil K Khandelwal is a popular Speaker, Author, Columnist, Corporate Advisor and Consultant. He is a former Chairman and Managing Director of Bank of Baroda and also Dena Bank. He authored the first book ”HRD in Banks” way back in 1987.
Dr. Khandelwal has captured the transformation of Bank of Baroda in his recently published book ‘Dare to Lead’, which has already become a best seller and has been praised by such International luminaries like Tom Peters, Ram Charan to mention a few. Prof Peter Cappelli of Wharton Business School mentioned Dr Khandelwal as “An HR Hero”.
Ankit Fadia
The bestselling author is a 27-year-old tech junkie who loves tinkering with computers, gadgets and everything tech. He has hosted a popular show on MTV called What the Hack!, where he gave tips, tricks and tweaks to get more out of technology and the Internet. Widely recognized as a computer security expert, he has delivered more than 1000 talks in twenty-five countries, received several awards and trained more than 20,000 people in India and China. He has studied at Stanford University and was chosen as a Global Shaper by the World Economic Forum.
Ashok Row Kavi
Ashok Row Kavi, took to gay activism after 20 years in journalism starting with the Free Press Journal and winding his way through Debonair, The Week, senior reporter at Indian Express and finally ended up starting his own news magazine ‘Bombay Dost’ for LGBT. He’s also Chairperson of the Humsafar Trust, India’s oldest homosexual not-for-profit NGO working with gay men, men-having-sex-with-men(MSM), male prostitutes, hijras and other transpersons in Mumbai Metro. He has travelled all over the world except Outer Mongolia and Tibet which he hopes to visit before his 70th birthday after the Chinese are thrown out of the plateau. He worked with UNAIDS for five years as program officer on loan to the National AIDS Control Program (NACP) of the Union Health Ministry in Delhi.
Bhawana Somaaya
Bhawana Somaaya has been a film critic for over 30 years and has contributed columns to publications like The Hindu, The Hindustan Times, The Pioneer and The Sunday Observer. She has authored many books on cinema. Mother Maiden Mistress is her eleventh book and Talking Cinema is Somaaya’s twelfth book. Her other books include biographies of Hema Malini and a trilogy on Amitabh Bachchan: The Legend/1999, Bachchanalia/2009 and Amitabh Lexicon /2011.
Dr. Devdutt Pattanaik
Dr. Devdutt Pattanaik writes and lectures extensively on the relevance of mythology in matters related to leadership, entrepreneurship, branding, management and governance. He serves as Chief Belief Officer of the Future Group and is also story consultant to Star TV. His columns on management and culture that appear in Economic Times are a hit with general and specialist readers. He has written over 25 books for everyone from adults to children, for youth to business executives.
Gopika Kapoor
Gopika Kapoor is a writer, communications consultant and the author of bestselling books Spiritual Parenting: Wisdom (and Wit) for Raising your Child in a Stress-free and Spiritual Environment and Spiritual Pregnancy: Inner Wisdom to Nourish and Nurture Your Child. Her third book Spiritual Relationships: From First Date to D-day has been launched this year. Gopika has written for a number of leading publications, including The Times of India, The Indian Express, Elle, Seventeen India, and Andpersand Magazine.
Govindraj Ethiraj
Govindraj Ethiraj is Founder & Managing Trustee of IndiaSpend. A television & print journalist, he is former Founder-Editor in Chief of Bloomberg TV India. He also worked for over five years with television station CNBC-TV18, from near start-up point in 2000. He has worked in the digital space – with Business Standard as head of new media – as well as traditional print, at The Economic Times, Business World & Business India magazines. His articles presently appear in the Business Standard newspaper and Forbes India online.
Harish Bhat
Harish is the Managing Director of Tata Global Beverages Ltd, he has held many roles in the Tata Group over the past twenty-five years, including Chief Operating Officer of the Watches and Jewellery businesses of Titan Industries Ltd. An alumnus of IIM Ahmedabad, Harish won the gold medal for scholastic excellence while he was there, and later the British Chevening Scholarship for young managers. An avid marketer, he has helped create many successful Tata brands. He writes extensively, including an irreverent tongue-in-cheek column for Mint. Harish is an incorrigible foodie and a fitness freak. His book Tata Log was launched recently and is a bestseller
Indrajit Gupta
Mr. Indrajit Gupta is the Founding Editor of the Indian edition of Forbes, an internationally acclaimed newsmagazine. Having worked with some of the top publications in India, he has built a formidable reputation as a business journalist. In a career spanning more than two decades, he has served as Features Editor of Business Standard, Deputy Editor of Businessworld, National Business Editor of Times of India, and most recently, as the Resident Editor of the Mumbai edition of The Economic Times. He is a recipient of the ‘Vocational Excellence Award, 2007′ for outstanding contribution to the Business Print Medium and the British Chevening Fellowship for Print Journalists
Janaki Krishnan
Janaki over 17 years of experience as a journalist in India covering business, finance, mergers & acquisitions, stock markets, corporate scandals etc. She has just written a book on Indian women entrepreneurs called `Breaking Barriers.’ She is currently the co-founder of DigiMedia Services, which offers social media management services to corporates and individuals. Janaki also contribute to various sites and publications. Her blog, Insight canvas, provides random news commentary, analysis of news which catches my fancy and comments on social media.
Kunal Vijaykar
Kunal is an Indian film actor, director, and television personality who hosts the food show The Foodie on Times Now and comedy-spoof show The Week That Wasn’t on CNN IBN with Cyrus Broacha. He debuted as a screenwriter and director in 2009 with Fruit and Nut, a comedy starring Dia Mirza, Cyrus Broacha, Boman Irani and Mahesh Manjrekar. Since 2011,Kunal also writes the fortnightly humour column, Funda Mental, in The Week magazine.
K. Ramkumar
At ICICI Bank Mr. Ramkumar is responsible for Human Resource function, Customer service, Managing Service Quality and Innovation, Leadership Development, Succession Management, building a supply chain for the Bank’s human resources requirements and leveraging technology to innovate, sales & service for the customers and care for the employees for the future are his passion. He leads the service quality and the innovation drive for the Bank. During the last 3 years his major mandate has been to drive the culture change in ICICI and make the Khayaal Aapka and Saath Aapka promises come alive to the customers and the employees respectively.
Dr. Lalit Kumar
Adviser, Voluntary Action & Youth Affairs at Planning Commission. Dr Lalit Kumar, PhD, India held several portfolio’s in the Government of India :Secretary ; Foundation for Communal Harmony, Ministry of Home Affairs. He was Joint Advisor, Planning Commission Government of India, handling policy issues relating to the voluntary Sector at the National level. Special Officer to The Minister of State for Planning, advising the ministry on Technical matters and evaluating flag ship programmes .Dr. Lalit Kumar has been Deputy Advisor to The Planning Commission in several departments, such as Environment, Management Division and Voluntary action.
Mahesh Bhatt
Mahesh Bhatt is a prominent Indian film director, producer and screenwriter. Bhatt’s early directional career consisted of acclaimed movies, such as Arth, Saaransh, Janam, Naam,Sadak and Zakhm. He now produces and writes for commercial and more box office friendly films such as Jism, Murder and Woh Lamhe. Bhatt is co-owner of film production house, Vishesh Films, with Mukesh Bhatt. He is a member of the advisory board of U.S. nonprofit Teach AIDS.
Bhatt in 1992 wrote Krishnamurti’s biography titled U.G. Krishnamurti, A Life. Apart from this he has edited several books based on conversations with U.G. Krishnamurti. Mahesh Bhatt’s latest book A Taste of Life: The Last Days of U.G. Krishnamurti was published in June 2009.
Makarand Waingankar
Makarand Waingankar is one of India’s most widely read cricket columnists, best known for blending meticulous research with his own experience of a life lived on the cricket fields of India. Journalist, columnist, researcher, talent-spotter and administrator, he wears a multitude of hats, each of which fits snugly on his head. He launched the Talent Resource Development Wing (TRDW) on behalf of the BCCI (Board of Control for Cricket in India) in 2002 and the TRDW has since been responsible for taking many small-town players to the national stage, including current India captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni. In fact, seven such players were part of the 2011 World Cup winning team. Makarand has also been CEO of Baroda Cricket Association and Consultant to Karnataka State Cricket Association’s academy.
Matthew Spacie
Founder & CEO, Magic Bus
Matthew is 41 years of age and a UK citizen with “Person of Indian Origin” status in India. Following his graduation and a number of management positions in the UK, he was posted to India ten years later working as the Chief Operating Officer for Cox & Kings, then India’s largest travel company and later a founder of Cleartrip, one of South Asia’s largest online travel companies. Matthew is on the board of a number of non profits organisations.Matthew is an Ashoka Fellow and was awarded an MBE from the Queen of England in 2007 for his work with Magic Bus
Mickey Mehta
Mickey Mehta India’s leading holistic health guru, an institution, Life coach, philosopher, authority on wellness. He is also TV and radio presenter, advisor on many wellness portals, columnist in various publications, has done numerous reality shows on TV and released many wellness DVD’s. Mickey has released his first book in Braille this year, with many more to follow
MK Raghavendra
MK Raghavendra is a film scholar and a founder-editor of Phalanx a web journal dedicated to debate. He has authored two volumes of academic film criticism – Seduced by the Familiar: Narration and Meaning in Indian Popular Cinema (Oxford, 2008) and Bipolar Identity: Region, Nation and the Kannada Language Film (Oxford, 2011) and 50 Indian Film Classics (2009). His 50 academic essays on Indian cinema find a place in Indian and international anthologies. His next book Directors Cut: 50 Major Filmmakers of the Modern Era (Collins) is due in June 2013.
Paresh Sukthankar
Mr. Paresh Sukthankar is an Executive Director on the Board of HDFC Bank Ltd. and has been with the bank since its inception in 1994. Mr. Sukthankar has overall approval, supervision and control responsibilities for the bank’s Risk Management, Finance and Human Resources functions. He also leads various strategic initiatives at the bank. Prior to joining HDFC Bank, Mr. Sukthankar worked in Citibank for around 9 years.
Prakash Iyer
In a corporate career spanning 25 years, Prakash has worked with teams selling everything from soaps and colas, to watches, yellow pages and diapers. He is currently the Managing Director of Kimberly Clark Lever. Passionate about cricket – and people – Prakash is an MBA from IIM Ahmedabad and also a trained executive coach. Prakash speaks and writes on teamwork, leadership and the habit of winning. He writes a monthly ‘Motivation’ column in Careers 360.
Prince Manvendra Singh Gohil
Manvendra Singh Gohil (Yuvraj of erstwhile princely Rajpipla State) is the chairperson and Co-founder of Lakshya Trust, the 1st organization in Gujarat to work on HIV prevention amongst MSM (Men having sex with Men) and Transgender populations.
Prince Manvendra is the first member of a royal family to openly come out as gay in media which sent shock waves all over the world. He has won the prestigious UNAIDS Civil Societies Award 2006 on behalf of Lakshya Trust for outstanding contribution towards HIV prevention amongst MSM population. He has also won the distinguished 2010 Global Citizenship Award for Leadership in Helping Humanity by Orphans International Worldwide in New York on 28th Feb 2010
R Raj Rao
R. Raj Rao (born 1955) is a writer and teacher of literature and “one of India’s leading gay-rights activists.” His novel The Boyfriend is one of the first gay novels to come from India. Rao was one of the first recipients of the newly-established Quebec-India awards.
He is also the author of Slide Show (poems), One Day I Locked My Flat in Soul City (short stories), The Wisest Fool on Earth and Other Plays and Nissim Ezekiel: The Authorized Biography.
Radhakrishnan Pillai
Radhakrishnan Pillai is the founder-director of Chanakya Institute of Public leadership (CIPL) a research based organisation that is working to promote Indian concepts in management. He is a well known management speaker, trainer, author and consultant. He has written nearly 200 articles and papers for various magazines, newspapers, journals and periodicals including Times of India group (Mumbai Mirror) as a weekly columnist. His first book ‘Corporate Chanakya’ has been on the “best-seller” list since its launch in 2010 and used as a text book in various Business schools in India and abroad.
Rahul Akerkar
Rahul Akerkar is all about mixing his passion for life, food, and science, and has managed to blend these key ingredients into a career as one of Mumbai’s leading restaurant moguls. Regarded as the pioneer of the independent chef- restaurateur-run eatery in Mumbai, shifting the focus in fine dining away from the five-star hotel domain. His restaurants are known for their warm hospitality and his eclectic, loosely modern-European cuisine, expressed with a healthy dose of local Indian flavor.
Rajan Bhonsle
Dr. Rajan Bhonsle, M.D., is the Founder Director of Heart To Heart Counselling Centre. He is a senior Consultant in Sexual Medicine & Counsellor from Mumbai, practicing for 26 years.
He has authored six books on ‘Sex Education’. His latest book is THE ULTIMATE BOOK OF SEX, published by JAICO. His Marathi Best Seller “Samagra Kaamjeevan” is in its Tenth edition since its first release. Dr.Bhonsle has been writing regular Question-Answer columns – “Let’s Talk Sex” – for DNA & “Sex Talk” for Maharashtra Times, “Heart 2 Heart” for The Afternoon & “Teen Quest” for JAM.
Rama Bijapurkar
Rama Bijapurkar is one of India’s most respected thought leaders on market strategy and India’s Consumer Economy. She is also a keen commentator on social and cultural change in liberalizing India. Rama writes extensively in the media and is a dominant voice on issues relating to India’s business, consumers and Polity. Her book “We are like that only: Understanding the Logic of Consumer India” (Penguin India) has been widely acclaimed. The international edition “Winning in the Indian Market”: Understanding the Transformation of Consumer India” (Wiley & Sons) has been translated into Hindi and Mandarin. She is also the author of “Customer in the boardroom? Crafting Customer-Based Business Strategy” (Sage), and a book based on the course she teaches at IIM Ahmedabad, and her consulting experiences.
Rashmi Bansal
Rashmi Bansal is a writer, entrepreneur and youth expert. She is the author of five bestselling books on entrepreneurship – Stay Hungry Stay Foolish, Connect the Dots, I Have a Dream, Poor Little Rich Slum and ‘Follow Every Rainbow’. Her books have sold over 700,000 copies and been translated into 8 Indian languages.
Rashmi’s first book was Stay Hungry Stay Foolish, a runaway bestseller on 25 MBAs from IIM Ahmedabad who went on to create successful businesses. Rashmi co-founded JAM (Just Another Magazine) which went on to become India’s most popular youth magazine. Her popular blog Youthcurry features her writings on youth, careers and entrepreneurship.
Ravi Venkatesan (Online)
Ravi Venkatesan is the former chairman of Microsoft India & Cummins India.
Ravi is the author of a book “Conquering the Chaos: Win in India, Win Everywhere”, which will be published by Harvard Business Review Press this June. He is a director on the boards of AB Volvo and Infosys Ltd. and a fellow of the Center for Higher Ambition Leadership.
Ravi contributes frequently to the Harvard Business Review; some of his articles include, “Strategic Sourcing – to Make or Not to Make” and “Cummins Engine Flexes its Factories.” He was the founder and Chairman of Junior Achievement India and a founding partner of Social Venture Partners, India.
Roy Wadia
Currently Executive Director of Heroes Project in Bombay, Roy Wadia has previously worked for CNN International as an Executive Producer, and the World Health Organization (Beijing, China) and the British Columbia Centre for Disease Control (Vancouver, Canada) in the area of public health communications and advocacy. Roy is also Director of Wadia Movietone, the Indian film studio founded in 1933 by his grandfather JBH Wadia. Roy’s brother, the late Riyad Wadia, was India’s first openly gay filmmaker and a noted activist.
Santosh Desai
Mr. Santosh Desai is the Managing Director & CEO of Future Brands Ltd. The Author of best seller “Mother Pious Lady –Making sense of everyday India” he is also a regular columnist with TOI.
A post graduate from IIM Ahmedabad, his interest lies in studying the evolving nature of consumer culture in India. He has worked in advertising for 22 years. He is also a commentator on societal & cultural trends, popular culture, brands and marketing.
Shobhna S. Kumar
Shobhna S. Kumar, co-founder of Queer Ink, is an accidental Publisher. Shobhna has worked in the international non-profit sector for over twenty years. Her career switch at the age of forty-two was purely for selfish reasons: Shobhna wanted to know more about the LGTBQI communities in India. Once the realization happend that she could access less than 100 books on this topic, Shobhna decided to venture into a totally new career and an unknown market to develop content that she would love to read and have in her personal collection of books.
Sonia Golani
Sonia Golani , an entrepreneur and an author, she manages her firm, Management Consultants Group. Sonia is currently working on her third book which is based on Bollywood in commemoration of 100 years of Indian cinema. Her first book Corporate Divas was published by Penguin to much acclaim in October 2011. Sonia’s second book was published in February 2013 by Tata Westland and soon after it was featured in Nielsen’s Bestsellers list
Sridhar Rangayan
Sridhar Rangayan is a Mumbai-based writer/director whose queer films present hard-hitting social issues and critique with warmth, compassion, and humor. These films have screened at more than 100 national and international film festivals; won several awards and has received critical acclaim. He is one of the Co-Founders of The Humsafar Trust and served on its board for 19 years. He is also the Founder & Festival Director of India’s biggest queer film festival – KASHISH Mumbai International Queer Film Festival.
Suman Agarwal
Suman Agarwal is a renowned nutritionist and fitness consultant who founded the exceptionally successful ‘SELFCARE – THE NATURAL WAY’ has earned many accolades. She has launched the much appreciated book, The Don’t Diet Diet Cook Book in 2009. She has contributed regularly to well-known, all India publications like DNA, Femina, Beauty & Salon, and many more and has been featured in Vogue India magazine, Chitralekha, Bombay Times, Asian age, Mid-day and, Hindustan Times amongst others.
Shri Swami Sukhabodhananda
Swami Sukhabodhananda is the founder Chairman of Prasanna Trust. Swamiji is not only one of the most respected spiritual leaders of the country, but also nicknamed as ‘Corporate Guru’. He is the author of many best sellers whose books have sold over a million in more than 100 titles in different languages. Swamiji’s English books “Oh, Mind Relax Please!” and “Oh, Life Relax Please!” are the top best sellers in the country. His book “Manase Relax Please” has set an all time sales record in the history of Tamil, Kannada & Telugu books.
Tara Deshpande Tennebaum
Tara Deshpande Tennebaum began her career on the English stage and worked as a model and MTV veejay. Her film roles include cult classics like Is Raat Ki Subah Nahin, Bombay Boys and Style. Currently, Tara lives in Mumbai and New York and is working on her first novel. A Sense for Spice is her second book after Fifty and Done (HarperCollins India, 1999) a collection of short stories and verse. Her cooking show, ‘Great Chocolate Cooking’, was featured on a PBS (Public Broadcasting Service) channel and her recipes and food stories have appeared in the Boston Globe, Boston Herald, New York Herald and Boston Phoenix.
Vijay Santhanam
IIM Ahmedabad graduate. Vijay’s last corporate role was regional marketing director for BP (Auto lubricants) – Asia Pacific, based in Singapore. Having planned for, and happily taken, early retirement from corporate life, Vijay is now able to pursue his passions more fully – writing, teaching, following sports and other interests. Vijay’s published books include (co-authored by Shyam Balasubramanian) If Cricket is a Religion, Sachin is God in 2009 and The Business of Cricket: The Story of Sports Marketing in India in 2011. Vijay is also a visiting professor at IIM-A and IIM-Lucknow
KN Vaidyanathan
Mr. Vaidyanathan is the former Executive Director, Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI). Prior to this assignment, he was Chief Executive Officer in Alchemy Capital Management Pvt. Ltd. An MBA from the Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Ahmedabad, Vaidyanathan has held senior positions in MphasiS, Morgan Stanley Asset Management and HSBC. He has held positions on various committees including the SEBI Committee on Guidelines for Investing Abroad and the SEBI Committee on Depository Implementation.
Kumaar Bagrodia
Kumaar is unqualified and ill fitted to be running the India Non Fiction Festival (or anything related to the heady literary world). He is not an author, has not won any awards for anything and has a brief unremarkable
resume. Well, life is filled with such strange anomalies.